Make your own Box!

$ 20.00

Choose up to 6 different flavors and we'll create a customized box of 12 for you!

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We have more Easter designs coming next week!


We're in Redmond, Washington. You're welcome to come into our kitchen and buy our product. It's always best if you can order online first so we can pack your order ahead of time, but you can walk-in as well. We share a kitchen with another company, so we're not able to set regular hours. Follow us on Facebook for a daily update on when we're open. We are closed most Mondays. Thank you for your patience! We're a very small, but growing, business and we definitely appreciate your support.


Now you can get our Macarons at Armstrong Family Winery in Woodinville! They're open on Friday & Saturday, and as of 4/13/14, on Sundays too!